10 Ways to Take Care of Natural Hair at Home Naturally

How do I take care of natural hair daily? Natural hair or virgin hair refers to all-natural patterns of hair growth across all racial and ethnic groups that have not been exposed to heat styling or chemical processing. Natural hair requires a level of maintenance to be kept healthy.

Taking care of our natural hair can be so overwhelming especially if you try to do it yourself. But the saying that goes” life itself is not perfect but your hair can be” has spurred many people especially ladies to try their best to care for their natural hair.

This article will highlight the different natural ways to take care of natural hair at home to achieve healthy hair growth.

How to Take Care of Natural Hair at Home

The following are simple ways to take care of natural hair at home.


Washing your hair regularly helps remove the build-up of dirt and reduces too much oil on one’s scalp. Depending on your hair type, once a week or bi-weekly is usually enough.

Make use of sulfate-free shampoo, as sulfate tends to strip the hair of its moisture leaving it dry and unhealthy. This is important, especially for people with oily and itchy scalps and those suffering from dandruff.


One of the ways you can take care of your natural hair is to ensure that you always detangle your hair immediately after loosening it, before combing, or just before a wash.


This is one of the ways to care for natural hair at home. Protein treatment adds volume to virgin hair. It minimizes hair breakage and strengthens the hair strand itself. It is encouraged that you do this every 4 to 8 weeks.

Protein treatment also leaves your hair fuller, bouncier, and heavier. There are several types of protein treatments
available in the market, choose the one that is suitable for your hair.

Alternatively, you can also prepare your homemade recipe and use it for your virgin hair treatment, they include an egg yolk mask, avocado, egg mix, avocado, aloe vera mix, etc.


After every hair wash, always rinse with cold water, this helps to seal your pores, making your virgin hair able to retain moisture.


This is important as it helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp which promotes hair growth. You can massage your scalp by making circular motions with your fingertips on your scalp for some minutes.

Alternatively, you can buy a scalp massager, also, applying a bit of coconut or olive oil while massaging your scalp will add extra nutrients to your hair and scalp.


You have to eat a balanced diet for healthy virgin hair. Meals rich in protein, and vitamins are essential for healthy hair growth. The following are rich sources of protein: eggs, meats, beans, fish, and milk.

Good sources of vitamins include fruits and vegetables. Caring for one’s natural hair is very necessary if you want to achieve healthy hair. Our hairs are like plants, if you water and groom them they blossom.

Adequate body hydration is also good for optimal hair growth. To main adequate hydration, there is a need for regular fluid intake, up to 3 litres per day.

7. Avoid drying YOUR HAIR WITH HEAT

It is better to air dry your wet natural hair after a hair wash. Heat drying and styling means your natural hair is exposed to a significant amount of heat which can lead to hair damage and breakage.

8. Wrap hair in a silk scarf

Wrapping your natural hair with a scarf or bonnet before going to bed or sleeping on a smooth surface satin pillowcase is a simple way to take care of natural hair and will prevent your hair from tangling while you sleep.

9. Trim split ends

Triming split hair ends is essential for healthy natural hair. Split ends will not resolve naturally, you have to trim split ends to prevent further splitting.

10. Avoid Brushing dry natural hair

Before applying a comb or brush to your natural hair, ensure your hair is wet. This will detangle your natural hair easily and prevent hair breakage.


Maintaining our natural hair might be overwhelming especially if you do not know what works for you. However, applying the tips on how to take care of natural hair stated above might be of help.

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