7 Kenya Visa Requirements for US Citizens

How do you get Kenya Visa for US citizens? Kenya is of one the popular tourist destination on the African continent. To enter the Republic of Kenya from the US you need to meet the Kenya Visa requirements for US passport holders.

Kenya’s government has fully automated the Kenya travel visa application process via the online electronic visa( e-Visa) service.

Consequently, all US citizens aged 16 years and above travelling to Kenya will need to apply and obtain a Kenya e-visa before travelling to Kenya. Please note; there will be no issuing of a Kenya visa on arrival.

Eligible US citizens can apply for a single entry or transit Kenya visa on the e-visas website. To check your Kenya visa online application status visit the Kenya e-Visa website.

Kenya Visa Types

The following are the types of visas available in Kenya.

  • Single Kenya entry visa
  • Multiple Kenya Entry Visa
  • Courtesy/Diplomatic Visa
  • Kenya Transit Visa
  • East African Visa
  • 5 years multiple entry Visa

Kenya Visa Requirements for US Citizens

Kenya visa requirements for US citizens
Kenya visa application requirements

The following are the Kenya visa requirements for US international passport holders.

  • International Passport Validity

When visiting Kenya, individuals holding a United States of America passport must ensure that their passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months from their arrival date. Additionally, they should ensure that their passport contains at least two blank pages for entry and exit stamps.

  • Work Permit

US international passport holders who intend to work in Kenya, including voluntary work and self-employed services will need a work permit in Kenya. The work permit should be applied for before departure to Kenya. Please Note that US passport holders cannot work in Kenya without a valid work permit.

  • Travel Itinerary

When applying for a Kenyan visa as a US citizen, it is necessary to provide information about your travel plans. This includes the purpose of your visit, the specific places you plan to visit, and your planned dates of travel.

  • Functional Email

Please note that all communication related to your Kenya visa application will be conducted through email. Once your Kenya e-visa application is approved, it will also be sent to you via email. Thus you need to have a functional email as part of the Kenya visa application requirements.

  • Proof of Funds

Kenya visa requirements for US citizens include evidence of proof of funds to ensure you can pay your bills during your stay in Kenya. Acceptable proof of funds is your bank statement for the past 6 months.

  • Recent Coloured Passport Photograph

A coloured photograph is also one of the Kenya visa requirements for US Citizens. The passport photograph should be recent and not take more than six months before the Kenya visa application.

  • Proof of Accommodation or Hotel reservation

To enter Kenya as a US citizen, you need to provide proof of accommodation, such as a hotel reservation. If you plan to stay with a friend or relative, you must also obtain an invitation letter from your host.

How to Apply for Kenya Visa Online

Once you have gotten all the Kenya visa requirements for US citizens then it’s time to apply for Kenya e-Visa online. To apply follow the steps below:

  • Select Department of Immigration services.
  • Select Submit Application.
  • Select Kenya visa.
  • Select the type of Kenya Visa and read the instructions.
  • Fill out the online Kenya visa application form. Information required includes International passport data, travel plan/itinerary, personal data, type of visa and entry route.
  • Upload the required documents: The documents need to be scanned and saved to your device.
  • Pay the non-refundable Kenya Visa fee using any preferred available payment option.
  • Wait to receive Visa. Once you have successfully carried out the steps above, then it’s time to wait. Successful Kenya visa applicants will receive their visas digitally and will be able to download and print them.

How long does it take to get a Kenya visa from the US? On average, it takes about two to eight working days for a Kenya e-visa to be processed and approved. However, in case of any unexpected delay, US citizens are advised to apply for their e-visa request several days in advance.

Kenya visa is valid for 90 days thus US passport holders when issued transit, single entry or tourist Visas can stay in Kenya legally for 3 months or 90 days. Beyond three months your stay becomes illegal with undesirable consequences. However, there is room for a Kenya Visa extension of up to 90 days while in Kenya.

How much is Kenya Visa for US citizens? Kenya visa price varies according to the type of Kenya visa and is subject to change. To confirm the current Kenya visa price visit the official Kenya e-Visa website.

The Government of Kenya has abolished the need to present covid 19 vaccination or a negative covid 19 PCR test as an entry requirement for Kenya.

However, travellers with flu-like symptoms must do a rapid antigen test. Travellers with positive results will also need to do a PCR and self-isolate depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Yellow fever vaccination and certificate are recommended for all US citizens visiting Kenya because there is a risk of yellow fever transmission in Kenya.


Kenya is a lovely place to visit in Africa. Once you have the Kenya visa application requirements you can apply for a Kenya visa online. Good luck.

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