10 Unusual Wedding Venues Across The World

The thought of the wedding day has always been exciting to couples and so has the idea of the spotlight. Even though days like this spark a range of beautiful and amazing emotions, most couples desire to experience Unusual Wedding Venues and even ridiculous thrills at their wedding.

Recently, people were figuring out non-traditional ways to tie the knot. The regular setting of the church, priest and a handful of supporting audience has almost become boring. Explore ideas for couples to celebrate love.

Weddings these days are perceived to be all about themes, memories and loads of fun and this is where creativity with a side of crazy comes in. From underwater to breathtaking ceremonies in the air, prepare to be ushered into the most unexpected, unimaginable and amazing unique wedding venues where people exchange marital vows.

Unusual Wedding Venues Across the Globe

As mankind evolves, modern man seeks new ways of doing things different from what their ancestors did. Marriage has not been spared from this evolution. and has resulted in a list of unusual wedding venues see below:

  1. In The Sky

That is insane! If you asked me, I would never attempt that for the fear of heights. This has to be the most daring thing to do for the sake of love.

A fearless couple decided to convert the spotlight to themselves by saying their vows in the sky, about a thousand feet! The groom stood on the wing of his aeroplane while accompanied by an identical aircraft on which his bride stood on its wing. This is not the first time such a wedding occurred in history.

The groom Darren McWalters and his bride Katie Hodgson took this breakneck adventure in 2008 which is the most recent. They enjoyed the bliss of looking down over family and friends who had come to witness the wedding.

2. The Jetpack Wedding

Spending so much time in the air may have been risky for this couple. So, they decided to make an entry with a jetpack over the water. Despite wearing the $90,000 contraptions for a jetpack, this couple did not neglect to come with the symbolic wedding regalia: a veil for the bride and a bow tie for the man.

Amanda had worn a white broad short and a rash-guard shirt while her fiancé Grant wore a wetsuit. Imagine the thrill of flying across the water of Newport Beach before landing on the beach to say “I do.”This kind of wedding ceremony has been the first in the history since 2012.

3. In an Apple Store

Die-hard Apple fans have their worlds revolving around all Apple products, especially the new inventions. This couple was certainly devoted fans of the Apple brand! They got married at a newly opened Apple store in Singapore.

More than a wedding photoshoot, the couple organized the bridal party in the store. And during the proceedings, they walked down the “aisle” between rows of brand-new products and display tables. Most amazingly, Jermyn and Chia were more obsessed with digital gadgets than their wedding. They browsed through their favourite Apple products afterwards

4. At Taco Bell in LA

Taco Bell, a famous fast-food chain in the US, is also on the list of unique wedding venues. Who at all believed a movie would serve such an insight? Dan and Bianca following their desire to add spice to their wedding were motivated by the movie What Happens In Vegas.

They became the first couple to get hitched inside a Taco Bell in Las Vegas. This wedding ceremony became a reality after they emerged as the Tacos Contest winners (link 4). This has got to be a delicious option for wedding venues.

5. In Space

People in love always say it feels out of this world. Conceivably, getting married aboard a spaceship is the way to express such feelings. The zero-gravity wedding is still jaw-dropping and even more so; how can they kiss each other after they say “I do”?!

This out-of-this-world wedding experience is sure to come with massive funding and a lot of safety measures but it is sure to give satisfaction to the couple involved, imagine getting married among the stars, it’s quite the heavenly experience.

If you intend to wed in a unique wedding venue such as in space, get blood pumping in the Vomit Comet. You are sure to have a magical, dreamlike wedding.

6. Bungee Jumping

Over here is another alternative daredevil couples can jump on, plunging directly into matrimony. How does falling into about 140 feet with your wedding attire sound to you? It is quite unbelievable the things people do to make memories.

A company even created the concept of ‘marriage in the sky, where the groom and the bride, just after the main ceremony,
are tied to a bungee cord and are made to jump off a crane from up to 160 ft high.

The visitors are also not left out of the fun as they are invited to jump with the married couple. This couple’s union completely adds a new dimension to the out-of-date concept of traditional marriage and leaves a feeling of exhilaration the whole time.

7. Inside Dracula’s Castle

Dracula’s Castle also known as Bran Castle is set in Bran, a village southwest of Brasov County, Transylvania. It is popularly known for its close relations with the Dracula story and is a go-to site for fantasy-loving individuals who consider vampire culture a way to go.

The gothic nature of the castle offers couples the perfect medieval setting necessary for a vampire-themed wedding. Reservations can be made in this historic site for events but avoid consuming too much liquid.

8. At The Top Of Mount Everest

As crazy as this might sound, getting married at the top of the world’s tallest place is a thing! The mountain known for its heights, snowy peaks and mysterious sightings has also witnessed a wedding.

A couple, Alex and James Schmeider, married on Everest Mountain, despite the freezing atmosphere and high pressure. The two experienced mountain climbers hiked up to the camp at the base of the mountain with full gear on, threw on a gown and a tux respectively and took their vows. The wedding was pretty traditional and don’t be scared! There were no casualties. Talk about a wedding at its peak.

9. Under The Sea

This might give the impression of being pretty normal for sea lovers, but it is then a weird wedding site considering the volatility of the sea.

There have been records of some couples renting scuba diving gear to tie the knot underwater. The sea gives a beautiful, almost fairytale-like scenery, just like something from Disney’s Little Mermaid movie.

Depending on the location, the couple can choose their audience ranging from sharks, rays, clams etcetera. A scuba director must be present and a safety team must be in a boat nearby for safety purposes. Remember, the sea can be unpredictable.

10. The Grand Canyon

Of all the weird wedding venues on our list, this has to be the least crazy. Despite the hot temperatures and rocky nature of the Grand Canyon, it’s a pretty cool place to get married with its aesthetic effects and natural setting.

This beautiful world attraction is in Arizona, USA. It is an odd but breathtaking place to get married. The rock formation, a product of arid-land erosion, in this area, has been known to draw feedback of wonder from tourists, and art and nature lovers.

This land space offers a sunset effect for events (marriages in this case,) holding in it, almost like something from a painting. Did I forget you don’t need to break into a bank to use Grand Canyon? I did? Well, With just $425 a couple can secure a space in the area. The Grand Canyon is unique and also a beautiful wedding venue.