Why not incorporate workouts into your daily routine? A little exercise is better than none. It will better your attitude and boost your energy levels. Who does not know the disadvantages of not exercising? We read about it and hear about it at every turn.

Exercise is a cheap, effective, and easy way to protect your health and general well-being. People who live a sedentary lifestyle are prone to the risk of chronic diseases. These include diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Notwithstanding the numerous demerits of a sedentary lifestyle, it still does not motivate most people (which may include you) to incorporate exercise into their daily routine. This has left me wondering why it is so.

Most people harbour the desire to lead an active lifestyle, but often, the motivation to get moving is lacking especially if you identify as “lazy”.

No one wants to fall ill and spend all their income on paying hospital bills and buying medication. Everyone tends to admire a lifestyle that defines health. However, not everyone makes an active effort to stay fit.

If keeping fit is your goal, but you do not know how to keep up with it, then do not bother anymore! This article will give you tips to incorporate workouts into your daily routine.

Are you tired of feeling guilty about not making it to the gym? Don’t worry, home workouts are here to save the day, even for the laziest among us. You don’t have to leave your couch to get a good workout. Yes, you read that right!

The best part about these home workouts is that they require minimal or no equipment. All you need is yourself, a few improvised tools and a determination to achieve your fitness goals.

In addition, the workouts can easily be modified based on your fitness level, so that even if you are newly starting with exercising, there’s an option for you. So why not give these home workouts a try?

You can now bid farewell to your many excuses for not working out and caring for your heart health, and embrace taking little steps towards your fitness.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons why you are possibly lazy about working out, tips to incorporate workouts into your daily routine, and five lazy workout routines.

Does it matter if you are a couch potato? Of course not! From your couch, there are a few stretches you can do while enjoying your favourite TV shows.

Do not be discouraged by the length or duration of your workout sessions. You only need to start and be determined to continue.
It’s time to break a sweat without breaking the bank!

Here are reasons you may not like exercising or going to the gym.

Before home workouts became a “thing”, exercises were usually done outdoors. People usually invest in nice sneakers, sportswear, water bottles and other gym essentials to get into the business of keeping fit.

The idea of building a routine (especially morning routines) around exercising made it quite tiring for “lazy” people who thought of trying. Can you imagine waking up early every morning to dress into your workout outfit and leave the house?

Common Reasons for Not Exercising Regularly

See below the possible reasons why people are lazy about working out:

Lack of Motivation

If you do not set a goal around your exercises and workouts, you will not be willing to exercise consistently. Goals give you something to look forward to at the end of a period of workouts.

For instance, if you need to shed some weight, you will see a reason to go out every day to exercise. There are several reasons for working out aside from losing weight. It could be to maintain healthy joints, improve blood pressure, boost mental wellness, or improve the quality of sleep and breathing.

The benefits of exercising could never be overemphasized. As we will see later in this blog post, you have many reasons to work out. Pick out one that resonates with you and focus on it.

Time Constraints

If you are unable to create time to exercise, it is understandable if you run a busy schedule. When you have loads of work and many responsibilities, going to the gym will be the last thing on your mind.

There is a widespread belief that working out in the morning is most effective. Again, since you may not be able to cultivate a morning routine around exercising in the morning, you may end up not exercising at all.

However, exercising at any time is okay and effective. Whether you wake up early or do stretches right before you sleep, do yourself the favour of keeping your body in motion.

Dislike For Regular Exercises

Many people do not appreciate conventional exercise such as running, jogging, weight lifting, etc. These exercises will make you get tired fast. Thus, interest in exercise might not be there because you are seeking more fun, extraordinary ways to work out.

On the contrary, you can always choose exercises that are appropriate for you and thus make it fun and easy for you to return to the gym. You can always consult your gym instructor to help you out.

Fear of Judgement

People with low self-esteem or who have not accepted their bodies may have trouble going to the gym or working out in public places.

If you also have low tolerance levels, you may also be embarrassed by the short duration of your workout. You do not need to bother about these things. Please permit me to label them as trivial reasons you are not hitting the gym and keeping fit.

There are different plans for exercising: easy plan, regular plan, and challenging plan. When you start, you can proceed to build your tolerance level.

Physical Discomfort

The pain and physical discomfort following a workout session is usually terrible, especially for newbies. The mistake most people make is to stop after they feel this discomfort.

Notwithstanding, the ideal thing to do is to find remedies for your pain and continue with your workouts. With time, your body adjusts to the new routine while the pains resolve.

Financial Constraints

Membership fees for the gym can be priced a little over the roof. This is the first discouragement for those who are interested in keeping fit.

Why are workouts so important?

As aforementioned, the benefits of being on the move can never be exhausted. Exercising protects you from developing certain cardiovascular diseases, complications from the disuse of joints and limbs, etc.

Benefits of Home Workouts

However, having outlined the challenges faced by most people considering or having tried outdoor workouts, we can now delve into the benefits of home exercises or indoor workouts.


You do not have to worry about sharing equipment with other people. No one is going to come into your space during your workout session. The most beautiful part is wearing whatever pleases you for your workouts.

Home workouts are pocket-friendly

Compared to the way gym membership fees are priced, working out at home will cost you little or nothing. You do not need to buy conventional gym equipment when you can improvise at home.

Home workouts are flexible

This time around, you do not have to worry about going to the gym early in the morning, or just in time before it is locked up in the evening. At your convenience, you can get into the element and work out. Moreso, you can carve out a space in your home dedicated to your workout sessions.

How to incorporate workouts into your daily routine

How to incorporate exercise into your everyday life. A sedentary lifestyle gives no benefits. You can always get into the move without thinking about it so much. Here are different ways you can incorporate workouts into your everyday life and keep fit.

  1. Avoid the elevator and walk more

It is simple and straight to the point. Walk short distances to get to your destination. Use the stairs more often and avoid using the elevators in residential buildings and offices.

Today, choose to make walking your better alternative to jumping buses and entering a cab. If your destination is close by, use your legs instead. If you own a vehicle always park a distance from your office or apartment to enable you to walk more.

2. Stand around

Just like walking around, do not be in a hurry to find the next available chair to sit on. You can achieve standing more often by doing the chores around the house. Stand to cook. Stand to wash the dishes. Stand in queues to pay for the things you are buying, etc.

3. Use applications for fitness and workouts

Applications for fitness and workouts are an amazing, and fun way to incorporate workouts into your daily life. With these applications, you can also set reminders for your convenient time to work out. Most applications also teach you how to adjust your diet to suit the lifestyle that you are trying to achieve.

4. Find accountability partners

Find someone who can keep you on your toes to always work out. Better still, find and join a community physically or virtually where you can share your workout challenges and learn from others.

These communities help you set joint fitness goals and achieve them together. Knowing that you are not alone in your fitness journey can motivate you to keep up with working out.

5. Take just ten rounds daily

Home workouts do not have to be tense. When it comes to keeping fit, it is better to stay consistent than to increase the intensity of your workout.

Even if you have to exercise for five minutes every day, it is better than working out for two hours once every week. Whether you are doing squats, sit-ups, leg lifts or jumping jacks, begin slowly and build your tolerance and fitness level as you progress.

In essence, even if you are working out in the gym, at home or on the field it is better to start small and then increase gradually depending on your fitness level.

Home workouts are necessary for stay-at-home moms, remote workers, and anyone at all. What home workout tip would you be giving it a try soon?

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