It is normal for your home to get disorganized, and dirty. That is part of life that shows that you inhabit your space. However, it gets to a point that this mess simply gets out of hand before you realize it.

This happens when you begin to neglect the necessary home organisation hacks you can use to ensure cleanliness. This can make you dislike living in your own space.

The good news is, that you can create a system that helps you keep your home in good order despite the occasional chaos.

It is important to have activities that help you check your living space so that even when your home gets messy again, you can easily put it back into order. Systems such as routine decluttering, assigning a spot for every item, and grouping like items, this blog post is everything you need to achieve an organized home any time, any day.

What you will need

You do not just wake up one morning to begin cleaning out your home, especially if you have been overwhelmed by it for a while. Organizing your living space requires some dedication and planning.

You will need an open mind

An open mind releases you into the possibilities that abound with revamping your space. You may have to let go of certain items: clothing, materials, things you have bought at an exorbitant price.

You would let your mind believe in the different forms of your home and the things in it that can be arranged. Be willing to
explore as many styles and options as possible.

You will need patience

Deep cleaning your home does not take less than a day to accomplish. This applies more to you if you stay with your family. You are not just organizing your stuff, you would have to also consider what other members of your home want to do with their property as well.

Dedicate a particular day of the week to effect one change or another until you achieve the living space of your dreams. remember, a system is not built in one day. Therefore, organizing your home should take time.

Another method you can try is assigning a section of the house to a day each week. Take this project as a Do-it-yourself interior decoration.

You will need a plan

Already, you have considered what part of the house should receive your attention on what day of the week. Then, you will need a budget.

Nobody likes the idea of spending. However, it is possible to revamp your space without breaking the bank. We will talk about home organisation hacks like recycling used stuff such as boxes, cans, etc to produce another item instead of buying it. Go ahead and read eight home organisation hacks you should try in your home now.


  1. Declutter

The first step to putting your home in order is to decide what should be in the house and what should be discarded.
Having a home that is crowded with many unimportant things is a sure bet to disorganization. It is difficult to put them
in place, it becomes overwhelming to put them to good use as well.

Understandably, you hold on to certain items, clothes, and boxes because of the memories that come with them.
It could be a toy from your childhood gifted to you by your grandma you love so much or flowers from your high
school love. Anything at all, it is not good to take up space with things you can no longer use. The best way to preserve your memories of such things is to give them out to other people who would need them.

Decluttering means letting go. To achieve decluttering, you would have to keep away your bias, and sentiments to
understand the dangers of clutter.

Holding on to things could stop you from truly moving on. Therefore, it does not just make your home disorganized,
but it also forms a mental barrier.

The best way to declutter is to answer the following questions:

● Have I used this item in the last 30 days?
● Will it still be of use to me in the next five years?
● Do I have a better alternative for this item?

If you can honestly answer these questions, then your home is halfway organized!

2. Assign a Spot for Everything

This home organisation hack works like magic! Knowing where to keep what at all times makes it easy for you to keep your home in order. Another bonus is that you do not have to search so hard to find things.

Imagine if you were already late to work. You are in a haste and cannot find the keys to your car. If those keys had a
designated spot, you would simply go there and take it despite the haste. This is exactly what this home organisation hack does for you.

Assigning a spot for everything is very important, especially for items that are used all the time, and can be easily
misplaced. These include your car keys, TV remotes, wrist watch and other jewellery, socks, etc.

3. Group Like Items

This is where the real work dwells. It is going to take time and persistence to group all your items. Putting things into
categories not only make you organized, but it is plain beautiful!

Take out everything from their places. You will need to empty your shelves, drawers, and cupboards. Then, you can begin
to arrange things according to their likes. This is important for your closet, kitchen, library and your workspace.

Put jackets together, and trousers together; remember to separate your bedding from your towels. In the kitchen, put the pots together, cutlery aside, and glassware too.

You can arrange your books by author, genre, etc. You should also utilize labelling your boxes or containers. You do not have to be too specific with labelling. Broad categorizing is just as good. For instance, you can put all your “laundry supplies” in a place or your “cereals” in one container.

4. Use the Walls

Your walls are an organizational opportunity for your home. Explore different ways you can use your walls for hanging
your stuff. It helps you take things off the floor, thereby creating more space on the floor.

You can invest in floating shelves for your books and racks and hooks for your coats, umbrellas, and other items that require common space. You can hang your flowers, pots and pans – in the kitchen – shoes, etc.

5. Invest in All-Purpose Furniture

You may want to consider using stools or benches with hidden storage or beds with inbuilt cabinets for storing clothes
that are not worn in season.

You can also rework your old furniture to incorporate storage systems that can help put more items off the floor and keep your living space organized.

Furthermore, you can convert your furniture into multi-purpose especially if you live in a small space or an apartment.
There are flexible or foldable furniture that can serve you both as a couch or as a bed.

6. Create Functional Zones

Designate each part of your home for a specific activity. For instance, the bathroom should be used for just bathing,
not bathing and laundry; the sitting room should be used for just relaxation; your bedroom should not double as your
workspace – if you work from home.

You should also map out a part of your home strictly for storage, particularly for miscellaneous items such as brooms, mops, pegs, etc. This helps you with grouping your property and also with organization; you will always know where to find what.

7. Set a Cleaning Schedule

It does not make sense to let your space pile up with dirt again after you have taken so much time to clean up. Home chores are never-ending. Therefore, you must choose what tasks to do repeatedly, or routinely.

While tasks like doing dishes and cleaning the dining tables should be done every day, you can choose to mop the
floor, do your laundry weekly, and declutter your home monthly.

It is up to you to consider other major activities that take your time. However, the goal is to ensure that chores do not pile up and that navigating through your stuff does not become overwhelming.

8. Implement the One In, Two Out Rule

This rule states that when you purchase a new item, two old items should either be discarded or donated to charity. This rule helps you declutter as often as possible. It prevents unused items from piling up.

You also become very smart with spending on new items. You will now begin to purchase single items that can serve multiple purposes.

Always remember that home organization is a continuous process. With these home organisation hacks, you can ensure an organized home without so much stress.

Do take your time with this process. If you have moved into a permanent residence, you will have to discover new ways to spice up your accommodation to make it comfortable for you.

Seek inspiration from the internet, and ask your friends for suggestions. Making your living space comfortable and inhabitable for you improves your general well-being. Try out the home organisation hacks stated above.

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