Meet the 24 Big Brother Titans Housemates

The big brother franchise is back again with another entertaining show called big brother titans, the first of its kind. Big Brother Titans housemates from two different giant African countries; Nigeria and South Africa were merged, to live in the same big brother house and compete for the $100,000 grand prize.

During the Big Brother Titans Housemates’ stay in the Big Brother house, viewers of the special reality tv show will have the usual privilege of deciding who stays and who is evicted from the Big Brother house. At the end of the show, a winner will emerge based on popularity votes by the viewers.

The show which started on Sunday, the 15th of January 2023 saw the initial 20 Big Brother Titans housemates come into the Big Brother house. 10 Nigerians and 10 South Africans.

On Thursday night (19th January) during the pool party, four new Big Brother Titans housemates were introduced to the show. 2 Nigerians and 2 South Africans.

Here is the profile of the Big Brother Titans housemates, detailing their names, ages, gender, nationality, and occupation.

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Big Brother Titans Housemates


This 25year old female was the first contestant to enter the house, she is from KwaZulu-Natal and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a journalist and working towards her Masters’s degree.

Yemi cregx

The second housemate on the show is a 30year old Nigerian from Ekiti state to be precise. He is a model and actor.

Juicy Jay

A 27-year-old male from south Africa. The 3rd housemate on the show. A rugby player.


She is 24 years old and from Nigeria. The 4th housemate on the show. She is an actress and influencer . she is in the house strictly for the money.


The 5th housemate to grace our screen. She is 25 years old and from Durban, South Africa. She is an influencer and an entrepreneur.


He is 26 years old and from Jos in Nigeria. A content creator.


27-year-old male BBTitans housemate, the 6th one to enter the house.  From Hillbrow, South Africa, a content creator and a model.


She is a 22-year-old Kaduna-born business lady, from Nigeria.


The 9th housemate is 25 years old and from northwest South Africa. She is a law student.


He is from Porth Harcourt in Nigeria. A chemical engineer and is 29 years old.


A model from Soweto in South Africa, he is 21 years old and is the youngest housemate so far this season. He is into modelling.


She is a nurse and stays in Lagos, Nigeria. 25 years of age and the 12th housemate to enter the house.


She is the 13th housemate.  A 31year old entrepreneur. She is from Cape town, South Africa.


A 28-year-old male from Anambra in Nigeria. He is an actor and a model. He is an albino.


The 15th housemate is 31 years old and from Freestate in South Africa. He works as a sales Rep.

Jenni O

She is 25 years old. She hails from Imo state, Nigeria and works as a health and safety specialist.


A 24-year-old female from Pretoria, South Africa. She is an undergraduate studying BioMedical Engineering.

Kanaga Jnr

He is 23 years from Abia State, Nigeria. He is an Entrepreneur and a model.


He is 21 years old and one of the youngest in the show. He is from East London, South Africa. He is a photographer and a content creator.


A 27-year-old female from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. She is a model.

Miracle OP

He is a 24-year-old Nigerian. He works in his family’s pharmaceutical company.


27-year-old Nigerian from Akwa Ibom state. She is an entrepreneur, ex-beauty queen, model and host.

Blue Aiva

She is 22 years old. A professional dancer and a DJ from East Rand, South Africa.

Teo Traw

A 29-year-old music artist from Vaal, South Africa.

Which two of the Big Brother Titans housemates do you think are the most likely to win this special edition of the Big Brother show?

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