How to Study Abroad for Free

A University degree is desired by many, however, the fee to study in most universities continues to rise globally. Consequently, the question is where can one study abroad for free?

There are countries where interested students can study abroad for free or at a very affordable rate.

countries where students can study abroad for free

Below is the list of countries with affordable or free university education for all international students. The majority of the free courses are offered mostly in public universities.

These countries are good options for students who want to study abroad for free and include the following:

  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Brazil
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Spain
  • France

Study for free in Germany

Studying in Germany is quite attractive for a lot of international students. This is largely because most German universities do not charge local and international students tuition fees for undergraduate courses. However international students need to be proficient in the German language.

Study for free in France

International students can study for free in France irrespective of their nationality. Most of the free programmes are taught in French, so international students need to be proficient in French or take preparatory classes before being able to study in France.

Study for free in the Nordic countries

The Nordic countries, including Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and Sweden, all offer university degrees for free or at an affordable cost. This makes these Northern European countries attractive to international students who wish to study abroad for free.

Study for free in the Czech Republic

Students who speak Czech can study for free at any of the Czech public universities.

Study for free in Belgium

Education is not entirely free in Belgium, however, there are low-cost affordable tuition fees at universities for international students.

Spain, Finland and other European countries offer tuition-free education for only EU/EEA students. However, these countries have low-cost affordable tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students.

Other options for international students who want to study abroad for free

International students can also acquire good university degrees from the best universities in the world via scholarships and grants.

Universities, charities, foundations, and non-government and government organizations may offer these scholarships for international and local students.

If you cannot secure a scholarship or free education there are other options for local and international students to finance their university studies. These options may include working and studying abroad, studying with student loans and virtual study online.

Work and earn while you study

Most international universities will allow both local and international students to have some work hours to help them sort out some of their academic bills. Similar postgraduate students are sometimes offered teaching hours to undergraduate students to help buffer their tuition and other fees.

Study abroad with loans

This option is not free as the loan will be paid back, however, it allows the student to obtain a degree and repay the loan later.

Virtual study

Virtual study online is another viable option for international students even for local students. Virtual study removes the cost of accommodation and transport because the students study from home. Also, the cost of feeding is reduced.

The virtual study gives students the option of having a flexible academic program and students who are already working can maintain their work while running the degree programme online in their spare time.

Degrees acquired online have the same recognition as campus-based degrees and may be explored by international students who want to study abroad free of charge or at a reduced cost.


Finding a suitable country and university to study abroad for free might not be easy, however, exploring the countries listed in this write-up may be a good head start. Good luck.