Whether you come from a big household or a small, closely knit home, you need fun family activities for the weekend that allow you to have quality time with your family.

You can achieve this by creating weekend traditions that ensure bonding and make everyone look forward to weekends. These activities can be in door or outdoor family activities.

Everybody loves weekends. It is the only period you get to spend some time with the people you love, doing the
things you are passionate about. It is the time after a long week that you and your family can come together and
create delightful moments that will never be forgotten.

From Sunday to Sunday, we all have responsibilities towards our families that take and keep us away from home. It is
frustrating to maintain a functional relationship with members of your family by being absent.

You need weekend bonding ideas for your family to strengthen love, share laughter, create fond memories, and have
an amazing time with your loved ones.

In this blog post are 20 curated fun family activities you can try out this weekend. This list considers all possible
interests and preferences for every member of your family. Remember, these ideas are not just for having fun.
However, it is for nurturing connections and building a unique family.


If you are looking for inspiration to spice up your family relationship, keep reading! Here are 20 weekend family bonding ideas (20 fun family activities) for you and your family.

  1. Go on a Road Trip

Get everyone into the car and hit the road. You do not need to plan a destination, as far as you are able to find your way back home at the end of the day!

As you travel, stop at intervals to take pictures of the landscape. A road trip is better when the sun is winding down.

2. Go on a Family Picnic

Pack everyone’s favourite snacks, food, and drinks and go for a family picnic. Do not forget to go along with the music.

It is already exciting to plan a picnic for the family. That would surely set everyone in the mood to get together.

Other picnic ideas to try are colour-themed picnics and character or customer-based picnics. It would be really fun!

3. Play Board Games

If you have a quiet family and are searching for an indoor activity that is truly fun, then this one is for you.

Board games or card games are not only educational, but they instil healthy competition and teamwork in every member of our family. You could try playing chess this weekend.

4. Binge Watch Movies

You have been working all week with no time to watch your favourite shows and movies.

This weekend is the perfect time to do so. Buy a bucket of popcorn and see all the movies there are!

5. Try out Arts and Crafts

There are many Do-It-Yourself videos on the internet. These DIY ideas not only make life easier but are a good way to cut down expenses. Why not try out one this weekend with your family? It could be baking, making soaps, painting, resin art, knitting a blanket, etc.

6. Cook together

Who would not want to eat good homemade food? Assign a role to everyone in the family, get together and cook a
tray of delicious meals, bake desserts or make fruit juice.

7. Visit a Museum

Explore a local museum. It is not just an opportunity to learn new things from history. More so, it is a great way to
unwind and create fun memories with your family.

8. Volunteer for a Community Project

Sign up with your family to volunteer for a project in your community. It is a brilliant way to contribute to the progress
of your community. You can make new friends, and meet other families as well. Further, everyone learns the value of
giving back to society through this service.

9. Create a StoryTime

Get everyone in bed, and have a family storytelling session. You can choose a novel or a movie. Every member of the
family can take turns to read aloud or narrate a story. This is a beautiful way to nurture conversation in your family.

10. Create a Bonding Moment

This is quite similar to the storytelling session above. You can bring your family together to share experiences and
life lessons. It would be a good time to confide in each other and plan ways to move the family forward.

11. Host a Family Karaoke Night

Whether or not you have an amazing voice, a karaoke night definitely sounds like a whole lot of fun. Everyone would
get to sing and dance to their favourite songs and/or artists. Do not forget to take videos of every memory you make.

12. Visit the Zoo

Animals are fascinating in their own ways. Don’t you think it would be exciting to visit the zoo this weekend? Take a
tour through the world of animals with your loved ones.

13. Go for a Family Photo Sessions

It is not enough to make memories, keeping a record of these memories in photos and videos is quite worth it.

Dress up and go for a family photo session. Your family can wear their favourite dresses or wear a costume that matches their
favourite movie character. Do what works for you!

14. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

This idea as well is nothing short of fun! Hide clues and hidden treasures around the house and in the neighbourhood.

This family activity accommodates everyone including your teenagers. Don’t make the clues so easy, that is where all the adventure is.

15. Attend an Outdoor Event Together

It could be the neighbour’s birthday party, bonfire, or community gathering. Go somewhere that you and your family
can be identified as a family and not as individuals.

16. Start a Family Book Club

If reading seems fun to you and your household, then it is the best family bonding activity you should try.

During the week, you can select a book for everyone to read. On the weekend, you gather to discuss the details of the book. Best
believe it would be your family’s favourite indoor activity.

17. Play Outdoor Sports

Being sporty isn’t just exciting, but a fun way to exercise and keep your family healthy. You can play sports such as soccer, basketball, badminton, handball, frisbee, etc.

18. Try Gardening

Planting a botanical garden and looking after it can be a productive family weekend tradition.

The fun part is getting to name your plants and speaking to them. Your family should try it!

19. Declutter

In every home, there is always a pile of things that are no longer useful scattered around the house. These things take up space, and discomfort you without your realization.

Take out time every weekend with your family to clean out your home, lawn the parking lot, and take out trash.

20. Organize a Family Talent Show

Despite being a family, everyone has a unique talent and skill. Why not set up the camera and record everyone displaying their talents this weekend? You might just discover the next superstar or hero!

Why participate in family activities?

The importance of cultivating routine family activities is to explore and accommodate the individuality of the members of your family. It teaches everyone better to tolerate one another and choose peace over differences.

These fun indoor activities or outdoor activities for your family foster emotional connections. It brings everyone
together in order to strengthen cordial relationships.

You can now focus on work and your passions during the week and still enjoy quality time with your family during the

As families continue to do things in common, it contributes to the personal growth and development of every individual. You learn how to express yourself better, love yourself and others, and how to participate effectively in teamwork.

Encouraging fun family bonding activities promotes open communication. It gives members of the family the leverage
to speak up, share thoughts, and have a better understanding of one another. From completing projects together, you
can build your own team from your own family.

Amongst all these, hosting family weekend activities contributes greatly to a happier, healthier home. Fun family weekend activities are a sure bet for relieving stress. Isn’t it amazing that you do this with your family?

How to make it happen

Activities that involve the family should not be mindless or impromptu. It is something worth looking forward to. Therefore, dedicate time to planning these family get-togethers.

Take a moment to consider everyone’s preferences. Involve every member of your family in planning these fun family activities. It shows them that they are also important, and their opinions matter.

In conclusion

From road trips to board games, cooking together, and volunteering; these ideas would accommodate every member of
your family irrespective of their age and status.

Whatever plan you make towards establishing a weekend routine in your family, be more focused on putting smiles
on faces and reaffirming love and trust.

This blog post has been your guide through family weekend activities that would help you spend quality time with
your family.

Did you have fun reading through these carefully selected family weekend activities? Which one would you try this weekend?