Are you a nurse? Do you want to work in Kuwait as a foreign-trained nurse? Nurses are in high demand globally with some countries grossly short-staffed.

However, due to specific preferences, some nurses prefer to work abroad. Kuwait is a good destination for foreign-trained nurses who intend to work abroad.

Kuwait is a small oil-rich Islamic country located at the edge of the Persian Gulf. It is one of the richest countries in the world due to its rich oil reserves and has the strongest currency (Kuwait Dinar). The weather in Kuwait is mostly summer like other Gulf countries.

Kuwait is comparatively more liberal than other Gulf countries and foreign-trained nurses working in Kuwait have very good tax-free remunerations. They also have optimal paid annual leaves.

Foreign-trained nurses interested in practising in Kuwait will need to understand Arabic, which is the predominant language in Kuwait. However, the Arabic language can be learnt while working as a nurse in Kuwait. Also, things like alcohol, beef, pork and pigskin products are highly prohibited in Kuwait.

This article will guide you on the requirements and processes required to become a nurse in Kuwait.

Requirements to work in Kuwait as a foreign-trained nurse

To work in Kuwait as a foreign-trained nurse specific requirements must be met which include the following:

֍Nursing Certificates and experience

To become a nurse in Kuwait you need to have a nursing qualification from an accredited institution with at least 3 years of study and 1 year of nursing practice.

֍International passport

International-trained nurses who intend to work in Kuwait City must have a valid international passport with about two years of validity and the applicant should not be younger than 21 years of age.

֍Ministry of Health (MOH)exam

Foreign-trained nurses aspiring to work in Kuwait must pass an online multiple-choice exam. The applicant can only attempt the MOH exam three times. On passing the exam the internationally trained nurse becomes eligible to practice nursing in five emirates except for Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Kuwait nursing recruitment agency can guide foreign-trained nurses on the syllabus and preparation for the MOH exam.

֍Curriculum Vitae

This should be well-written and should contain your biodata, nursing qualifications and work history. Also, any gaps in your CV should be accounted for.

֍Nursing working experience Certificate

This is a work experience certificate issued by all the hospitals and facilities the applicant had worked with previously. The certificate should also contain the duration of the work history.

֍Nursing Registration Certificate/Licence

This is the nurse’s practice licence which is issued by the nursing council/regulatory body of the country where the nurse was working previously. The nursing practice licence is usually renewable and the current practice licence should be obtained.


Four personal passport photographs of the applicant are required.


The applicant must not have been convicted of any dishonourable crime and must be medically fit to work as a nurse in Kuwait.

How to apply for a nursing job in Kuwait

To work in Kuwait as a foreign-trained nurse, the applicant will need to obtain a nursing practice licence from the Kuwait Ministry of Health before they can legally work as a nurse in Kuwait.

After successfully meeting the above requirements, the applicant will send the documents to the Kuwait Ministry of Health Medical Licence Department for verification.

The applicant will be scheduled for an interview. Successful applicants will undergo a medical fitness screening at the designated centres in their home country and be issued a practice licence after payment of the required fee.

Having gotten a Kuwait nursing practice licence, the applicant can now apply for nursing jobs in Kuwait. Once suitable employment is secured, the applicant will get a Kuwait work visa and work permit. Congratulations you can now legally work as a nurse in Kuwait.

Also, all applicants must know that the medical fitness screening is repeated on arrival in Kuwait. Any derangement in the applicant’s laboratory results may result in the termination of the contract.

Thus foreign-trained nurses who want to work in Kuwait should ensure that the following laboratory investigations are normal in their home country to avoid wasting time and resources travelling to Kuwait; Hepatitis B and C viral screening, Retroviral screening (HIV), Chest X-ray, Urinalysis, Serum Electrolyte urea and creatinine and Liver function tests.


To work in Kuwait as a Foreign-Trained Nurse has specific requirements which must be met. Foreign-trained nurses are welcome to practice nursing in Kuwait. However, the application process and MOH exam may not be as simple as they seem. Using a Kuwait nursing recruitment agency may make the process a little smoother. Good luck.

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