Who does not want a life made easy? You desire to lead a lifestyle that seldom stresses you, a life that you enjoy. However, in the real world, you have to face the bustle of life. So how then do you simplify your life?

You have to get up from bed early in the morning and go to work even if you are not a morning bird. The rules of life are patterned to condition you to a strict demand on your time, energy, and resources.

Notwithstanding, as much as you desire a less complicated life, did you know that you are possibly contributing to your “hard” life? Keep on reading to find out how.

The Simpler The Better

It is important to live a simple life. Staying away from compound problems helps you live healthier and happier. When you simplify your life, you focus on removing excesses. Everyone is clamoring for an easy life, yet, not everyone is willing to put in the “hard work” for an easy life.

Simple does not always mean easy. While these tips will help you gain better control over the events in your life, it is not so easy to get into the game of simplifying your life. For these tips to also work for you, you will be required to be consistent, focused, and determined. However, the benefits of living a simple life cannot be overemphasized. You will be more excited about life, healthy, and also be able to maintain wholesome relationships.

Evaluate Your Current Situation

Before you can make progress with anything you set out to do, you must state a clear reason why you want to do it. You do not just begin simplifying your life. Life in itself is vast, there are many spheres of life. You will need to focus on achieving your aim of making life simpler and easier for you.

Evaluate your current situation. What aspect of your life are you struggling to keep up with? What habits and trends should you avoid or keep up with as the case may be? When you can ask yourself critical questions and analyze your life, then you will be able to channel your energy into what is most important.

Identify Your Source of Stress

Isn’t that the reason why you are seeking to simplify your life? Avoiding stress is almost everyone’s goal at these times. There are stressors at every angle you turn to: in the home, at work, on the internet.

Take your time to discover your triggers. You will be surprised to find these in the little, insignificant details. When you discover your sources of stress, then you can find alternatives to making life easier for you.

Set Clear Priorities and Boundaries

Never underestimate how much saving priorities and boundaries can do for you! With priorities set, you can give maximum time and energy in each moment to what truly matters. Without putting your priorities in place, you will find yourself multitasking, making more mistakes, and feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

Setting priorities reduces your chances of worrying. It helps you to plan and set clearer, achievable goals. You make more progress with work, school, or whatever project you are handling.

You should also consider setting boundaries. Boundaries go both ways: for you and others. Boundaries determine what you can allow and what you cannot tolerate. How you set boundaries, communicate them and what boundaries you set are all subject to your personal needs. It is important to respect your boundaries even when it is directed at other people.

Adopt Minimalism

Have you ever heard of the saying “less is more”? It is true and evident in people who practice it. Minimalism inspires you to take in only what is necessary and not merely important. Why buy a new item in your home when you can substitute? Why spend money on a new dress when you can revamp the old ones?

Besides, less means more space to accommodate what you need. People who need to declutter are those who accumulate a lot of things that they do not need.

By adopting this practice, you will not only find out how much you are given to frivolities, but you will also curb it. That is a win-win situation!

Learn to Say “No”

It is understandable if you feel guilty about turning down offers, pleas for help, etc. The truth is, you cannot always be open and ready to save every situation. If you try this, you will experience burnout and be all by yourself.

Learn to say “No” to impromptu offers unless it is an emergency. Say “No” without feeling guilty. Turn down invitations you have no plans for. Refusing to do things that are not originally your plan or to engage in activities you have no interest in is a great way of communicating your boundaries. It saves you the stress of people pleasing. It also teaches the people around you about self-help.

If you are interested in simplifying your life, you must master the art of filtering your engagements and communicating your commitment.

Be Proactive

Proactivity can translate to “pre-action”. It means being prepared for possible future circumstances as a result of actions you are taking at the moment. You may not be able to completely avert emergencies, but you can always be prepared for everything.

Always have a backup plan. Do not be the person who reacts to situations. The mere reaction shows that you are not in control. However, responding to events around you proves your resourcefulness and ability to manage difficult situations.

Another hack is to set up systems

Fix up your routines. You should be able to put things in place that help you effortlessly take charge of your life and environment.
For instance, if you identify having too many dishes to do as a stressor, a system you can set is to always wash up immediately after eating. With this, dirty plates won’t pile up in the kitchen sink and voilà! Your life is simpler!

Here are seven proven ways to simplify your life in 30 days

Set Monthly Goals

Instead of grasping how the whole year would be, you can focus on one month at a time. Set goals that are achievable per month. Better still, you can narrow your central monthly goal to daily challenges. Challenges as such would make you excited and you would look forward to every other day.

Stay Hydrated

Of course, you know it is important to drink plenty of water as often as possible. The benefits of drinking water adequately are beyond merely flushing toxins out of your body system. Since you are very busy, you can carry a water bottle everywhere you go. Looking at the bottle will make you take a sip. You can also set hourly reminders on your phone. Whatever you do, just stay hydrated.

Always Use a To-Do List

Every night, take time to write down what you should be doing the next day. Waking up with an idea of what the day would likely turn out to be like is an exciting way to simplify your life. To-do lists eradicate confusion and give you a direction for how to spend your day.

Here is how it works: if you are not decided on what to do every day, you become disorganised because you come down to trying to do everything at the same time. A list gives you a clear head. You do not have to worry about other tasks until it is time for it to be done.

Use Routines

Routines are key for making your life simpler. Routines consist of important activities to help you run your life smoothly. It can be as simple as waking up by 5 AM every morning, folding your clothes every Friday, or as demanding as working out for an hour every day.
With routines, you do not have to worry about beating yourself into getting things done. Routines when surely followed can transition into habits.

Stick to the 50/30/20 Budget Rule

Are you aware of this rule? It helps you spend and manage your finances better. Whenever you get your income, allocate half of it to your expenses; spend 30% on your lifestyle needs, and 20% on savings. Life is simpler when you always have money to fall back on.

Eat Homemade Food

Cook your meals by yourself. It not only saves you money, but it also helps you explore your culinary desires. There are new recipes to try. More so, you get to eat your food exactly the way you like it. This is something that eating out does not always guarantee.

Learn on the Go

Personal development is an important investment for your growth and success. You possibly do not have time to take on a new course, learn a new skill, etc because of your busy schedule. Are you a new mom, or a student bothered with many home works to do? Are you interested in learning new things despite how busy you get? Learning on the go may be your getaway!

While in transit, doing chores or other activities that require minimum concentration, you can listen to podcasts, audiobooks, etc. Some applications and gadgets can help you achieve maximum learning without necessarily sitting down to study.

To simplify your life, you must commit to consistently showing up for yourself. There are a thousand and one ways to achieve balance in your life, but paying attention to details changes everything. What proven tip would you try out today? Explore friendly budget travel tips.