5 Steps to Add your Website to Opera News Hub

How do you add your website to opera news? How do I add my blog to opera news? Many websites/blog owners battle with the issue of generating organic traffic to their sites.

Adding your website or blog to opera news will help alleviate this problem by generating more organic traffic for your site.

In addition to increased organic traffic, opera news increases the online presence of your website and has a good earning potential for your website or blog.

Opera news hub usually pays 50% of the revenue generated from displaying products on your website or blog.

Opera news hub is an online news platform owned by Opera Mini. The news site has a large base of people who use the Opera News App.

The platform allows content creators, bloggers and writers to publish their articles on the opera news hub.

How to Add Your Website to Opera News

How do I submit my website to opera news? To add your website to opera news follow the steps below:

When the opera support team receives your email, they will visit your site via the URL you provided and will review the website or blog based on their criteria and standards. This usually takes about 2 to 3 days.

After the review, you will get a mail from the opera support team. If your site meets the criteria you will be given guidelines on how to add your website to opera news.

If your site did not the set criteria and standards, you will be provided with information on areas to work on to meet the criteria.

Note: The content of your website or blog should be original and of high quality. Also, your website should be regularly updated.

How to Submit Articles to Opera News Hub

Apart from adding your websites to Opera News, you can also publish articles on Opera News directly.

How do I submit articles to opera news? To submit articles to Opera news hub follow the steps below;

Step 1. Create an Opera News Hub Account. Visit Hub.opera.com on your browser and click on login or signup

Step 2. You can sign up with your Facebook account or Google account

Step 3. On the next page, you will be required to fill in your Account information such as Username, Category, Profile photo and Biography (a brief description of your site)

Step 4. Fill up the Author (Representative) Information such as Legal First Name, Legal Last name, Valid Identity card, Country, Email, Phone number and Opay account details

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Step 5. Wait For the Review

Your Newly created Opera News Hub account will be reviewed within 24 hours before it is activated. After a successful review, your Opera news account is now ready for you to publish articles.

Note: Your articles will go through a review process before it is published. The articles that fail to meet the required Opera news hub standard will be rejected.

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