15 France Visa Requirements For Nigerians and How to Apply

This article will explain the France visa requirements for Nigerians and how to apply for a France visa from Nigeria. France is a country in Western Europe and is a global destination for travellers.

France attracts a significant number of tourists annually because of its beautiful landscape, rich culture and history. Aside from tourism Nigerians visit France for vacation, medical service, education and work.

There are different types of France Schengen Visa Nigerian passport holders can apply for depending on the purpose of their travel to France

Types of France Visa

The following are the French visas available to Nigerian passport holders;

France Tourist Visa: This visa is needed by Nigerians visiting France for tourism.

France Business visa: This type of visa is issued to Nigerians travelling to France for conferences, or short training. Nigerian passport holders require an invitation from a host in France before they can apply for a French business visa.

France student visa: This is the type of visa required by Nigerians entering France for academic purposes. The prospective student must submit an acceptance letter from the school in France and pay all the required fees.

France Airport Transit Visa: France airport transit visa is required by Nigerians travelling to other nations, however, they need to stop temporarily in France before continuing their journey. You must apply for a France transit visa before your travel date.

Note: Holders of France transit visas are not allowed into France or any Schengen area. A holder of a France transit visa must apply for a short-stay Schengen visa to be granted entry into France or any Schengen territory.

France Long Stay visa: Nigerian passport holders who plan to stay beyond 90 days in France will require France long-stay visa. The other types of visas described above are short-stay visas of up to 90 days stay in France.

France Visa Requirements
france visa application requirements

France Visa Requirements in Nigeria

France visa requirements in Nigeria vary depending on the type of visa you are applying for and your reason for entering France.

In general, the France visa requirements in Nigeria are as follows:

International passport: France visa requirements in Nigeria include a passport with at least six months of validity and at least three blank pages for entry and exit stamps.

France Visa application form: This should be filled out online and is part of the France visa requirements in Nigeria.

Receipt of Application Submission: After filling out the France Visa application form online, you must download the form and the generated receipt/checklist.

Passport photograph: France visa requirements in Nigeria include two recent, coloured identical passport photographs measuring 35x45mm. For more details about France visa passport photograph specifications click here.

Proof of funds: France visa requirements in Nigeria include proof of funds to take care of your bills and that of any dependant while in France. Acceptable proof of funds includes a bank statement of account for the past three months.

Proof of accommodation: This is not required to apply for a France airport transit visa. Proof of accommodation is part of the France visa requirements in Nigeria when you do not have a host that would accommodate you in France.

Proof of accommodation can be in the form of sufficient funds to cover hotel expenses (up to €120/day), a tenancy agreement, or a certificate of ownership. If you’re staying with a private individual, you must provide a Cerfa form as proof of accommodation.

Flight reservation: The flight reservation should state the entry and exit dates from France and the name of the airline. Note; You do not need a real (paid) ticket for the France visa application process.

Note: The flight reservation should be refundable or reservation without pay in case of visa denial/rejection.

Travel insurance: France visa requirements in Nigeria include travel insurance covering the travel duration. This requires for France transit visa.

Civil status: This includes evidence of ties to Nigeria and may include a marriage certificate, birth certificates of your children and letter of employment in Nigeria.

This is required for Nigerian passport holders visiting France for vacation, Tourism or medical treatment. The ties with Nigeria will reassure the France authority that the visa applicant will return to Nigeria at the expiration of their visa.

Introductory letter: France visa requirements in Nigeria include a letter from your employer stating that you are their staff and that you have permission to travel during the stated period.

Previous Visas: Previous visas if any are part of the France visa application requirements in Nigeria.

Letter of invitation: This applies to visits or business trips to France. The host or sponsor must issue the visa applicant an invitation letter.

Schengen Insurance Certificate: The insurance should cover your stay in France in case of any emergency and should be from a France-approved insurance company.

Cover letter: This should state in detail the reason for your planned visit to France and your itinerary in France.

Additional requirements for Minors: Nigerians travelling will minors will require the minor’s birth certificate, letter of consent from the minor’s parents and a copy of their parent’s passport data page.

How to apply for France Visa from Nigeria

To apply for France Visa follow the steps below:

  • Identify the type of Visa you need. If you are not sure of the type of France visa you need click here.
  • Gather the France visa requirements stated above.
  • Complete your application online: Visit the France visa official website to start your visa application. create an account and fill out the France visa application form if you have not done that already. Download and print out the filled visa application form and checklist.
  • Book appointment: After completing the above steps, book a France visa appointment online for submission of visa application at VFS Global Limited Abuja or Lagos visa centre.
  • Submit application: France Embassy in Nigeria uses VFS Global Limited in Lagos and Abuja as their Visa application submission centre. Visit VFS Global Limited for visa application submission, biometrics and payment of non-refundable France Visa fee.

The France visa application processing time in Nigeria is three weeks on average but can range from 10 to 15 working days. Consequently, you are advised to submit your France visa application for a short-stay visa at least 15 days before your planned departure and 1 month for a long-stay visa application.

  • Follow your Visa application: Once you have submitted your visa application successfully, you can monitor your visa application’s progress online in preparation for passport collection.

VFS global limited will send you a notification mail once your international passport is ready for collection.

  • Collect your passport: If your visa application was approved your visa will be inside your international passport. If the visa application was rejected, the reason may be stated, and you can appeal the rejection.

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