Every employee has a few things he or she hopes to achieve either professionally or career-wise. To successfully progress in a particular carrier, you need to know the key things your boss wants you to keep doing.

Successful execution of the key things your boss wants you to keep doing will help you climb the carrier ladder with relative ease.

The key things your boss wants in an employee

  1. Be a good leader

Most often we expect the boss to have all the answers to work-related challenges and make all the decisions while the other employee just sits down to execute the solution to these issues.

However, these may be convenient for the employee but leave their boss with a lot of issues to contend with.

Your boss will be delighted if you can take the lead when the need arises without him asking as this will reduce the work pressure on his table.

Irrespective of the need to show leadership, your boss will definitely appreciate it if you open up when you have challenges or when you don’t know how to manage or solve a particular problem.

  1. Be punctual at work and in meetings

Your boss most likely informed you about the work environment and how the system functions. He or she will not want to always remind you about basic work etiquette.

One of the key things your boss wants you to keep doing is to be punctual and prepared more times than not for work and meetings.

  1. Identify problems and proffer solutions

Your establishments or company can always use someone who has eyes for details, who is able to detect flaws in the system and also proffer possible alternative solutions.

However, try not to always look for fault in everything as this may create problems. However one of the key things your boss wants you to keep doing will be to identify important problems and proffer good solutions.

  1. Be good at your job

Your manager and boss will be pleased if you execute your job perfectly. You need to also keep improving and catching up with current trends in the job.

  1. Stay Focused and get the job done

It is important to stay focused and get the job done. Make the company priorities your priority and ensure that the company meets their set goals and target.

One of the key things your boss wants is for you to align your carrier ambitions with that of the company and this will encourage synergy.

  1. Take measures to avoid mistakes

Anybody can make mistakes, but your boss wants to see how you react to these mistakes.

Do you put measures in place to ensure that the mistakes do not happen again and take appropriate measures to correct the mistake or do you just try to cover the mistakes up or just abandon your duty?

  1. Help your employer manage you better

Personnel management is an important part of any work environment. However, some bosses are quite difficult to work with on the other hand some employees can be very difficult to manage.

The relationship with your boss can be turbulent at times, However, one of the key things your boss wants is a cordial relationship with all employees.

  1. Communicate well with your boss

One of the key things your boss wants you to keep doing is to establish and maintain good communication with your boss and other colleagues.

Good communication will ensure that information on service delivery, target goals and potential delay are relayed ahead of time to keep all staff on the same page.

  1. Have mutual respect

One of the key things your boss wants will be mutual respect for all colleagues of the company. Your boss will definitely not want you to disrespect him or her and vice versa.

An atmosphere of disrespect for one another will be not a healthy working environment for any company.

  1. Be loyal to your boss

Be honest and professional in your workplace. Avoid gossip and discussions that may malign your boss and colleagues. Your boss will want you to be dedicated to the progress of the company.

  1. Show long-term interest in your company

In this era of frequent resignations and changes in work, Your boss will be happy to know that you have a long-term interest in the company.

One of the key things your boss wants is for you to realign your goals and ambition with that of the company.


Each work premises has its own peculiarities and challenges, however, identifying and successfully executing the key things your boss wants will help you progress in the company with relative ease.