7 Steps to Leave WhatsApp Groups without Anyone Knowing

WhatsApp supports the creation of WhatsApp groups which makes it easier for a group of people to communicate easily via chat and sharing of online content.

However, WhatsApp groups can sometimes constitute a nuisance especially when you are added to groups without your approval.

Thanks to WhatsApp updates, You can now prevent other Whatsapp users from adding you to Whatsapp groups without approval.

By adventure, you have not changed your Whatsapp privacy setting which restricts the ability of other Whatsapp users to add you to unwanted groups, you can now exit WhatsApp groups unnoticed.

Following one of the latest Whatsapp updates, members of a Whatsapp group can now exit quietly, without any exiting notification message on the group. Although the admins of the group will know that you left the group.

But, how does this new feature work and how can you leave WhatsApp groups without anyone Knowing? Read on

How to Leave WhatsApp Groups without Anyone Knowing

To leave WhatsApp groups without anyone knowing on an android or iPhone device follow the steps below;

Step 1. Open WhatsApp app

step 2. click on the search icon or bar

Step 3. Type the name of the group you want to exit

Step 4. Click on the group you want to exit

Step 5. Click on the vertical three dots menu

Step 6. Click on more, if the exit group option does not appear on your screen

Step 7. Click on Exit group, you have exited the group and members of the group will not be notified except the admin(s)

Note: You will not be able to send messages to the group or see new messages on the group once you exit the group, also your name and details will disappear from the list of participants in the group.