Mobile phones are smart and multi-functional in nature. They support internet features which make it possible for checking email, online financial transactions, browsing, play online games and so on.

However, our ability to use mobile phones is limited because the battery power of these devices depletes with use.

To manage our mobile phones to last longer and serve our daily needs there is a need for optimal usage and proper handling.

Strategies to manage mobile phones to last longer

The following are strategies that can manage Mobile phones to last longer.

Avoid overusing the phone

How long your phone power lasts actually depends on the battery capacity of the phone and to a large extent the phone usage.

To manage mobile phones to last longer, over-usage of the device should be avoided, such as playing games, videos or audio music on your device for a prolonged period.

To ensure you are not overusing the device, you should take breaks after a period of protracted use.

Avoid overnight charge

The temptation is always there to plug our phones into a power source when we want to sleep or rest.

The problem with this practice is the duration of rest or sleep. Most adults have a major sleep period of six to eight hours, comparatively, most phones take two to three hours to achieve a full charge.

Consequently, charging your phone while sleeping means there is a significant risk of overcharging the phone, which may negatively affect the battery’s longevity.

To manage mobile phones to last longer, this practice should be avoided. However, most new phones have the ability to automatically stop charging once there are fully charged.

Avoid using your phone while charging

When your phone is plugged into a power source, it charges optimally, however, some people tend to use their phone when it is still plugged in.

This leads to sub-optimal charging because the power getting to the phone battery is limited. This will prolong the period of charging, and may negatively affect the battery longevity.

To manage mobile phones to last longer, this practice is best avoided, even though it is inevitable sometimes.

Avoid using your phone at high temperature

Most mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries, which work best at room temperature.

Consequently, using your device when the temperature of the environment or the device is above room temperature will lead to sub-optimal battery function.

Leaving your device under the sun, or close to any source of heat will rapidly increase the temperature.

To manage mobile phones to last longer, scenarios that lead to increased temperatures should be avoided especially when the phone is in use.

Avoid charging your phone when the current is low

Charging your device during periods of low electricity current will lead to abnormal battery charging which may negatively affect battery function.

To manage mobile phones to last longer, it is advisable to plug your device into a power source only when the electric current is full or normal.

Charge your phone with the original charger

Original phone chargers are usually part of the accessories that are packed with the phone.

However, these original chargers might get damaged after some time or be misplaced. It is important we know the specifications of the charger because different chargers have different charging capacities.

To manage mobile phones to last longer, it is important we use the appropriate charger at all times for optimal charging and good phone performance.

Power saving mode

This option is found under your device battery setting and is meant for battery power conservation.

On occasions of anticipated long device use with charging limitations, it is better to activate the power-saving mode.

The power-saving mode will put to sleep background phone applications that are not in use but are consuming power. This will reduce your device’s power use and increase battery life.

To activate the power-saving mode, navigate to settings, tap on battery and then select power-saving mode.

Reduce screen brightness

Your device screen is usually one of the highest consumers of battery power. To manage mobile phones to last longer, there is a need to reduce your phone’s screen brightness.

Alternatively, one can activate Adaptive brightness on android devices to help auto-adjust the screen brightness based on the degree of brightness of the environment. This will remove the stress of recurrent screen brightness adjustment.

To activate Adaptive brightness, navigate to your device setting, click on the display option and on the Adaptive brightness.

Activate Dark theme

In addition to adaptive brightness activation, devices running Android ten and above can also activate the dark mode feature on their device.

This will also aid battery power conservation. To activate, swipe down the notification panel on your device and tap on dark mode or navigate to your device setting, tap on the display option and turn on dark mode.

The above may differ slightly depending on the type of phone you use, but generally, these features will be found under the display option.

Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use

To manage mobile phones to last longer, The Bluetooth and WiFi features or functions should be off when not in use.

Leaving these features always-on will allow your device to continuously search for devices to connect to in the background with attendant increased battery consumption.

Do not use animated wallpaper and screen savers

These moving screen savers are beautiful to see, however, they are not battery friendly. To manage mobile phones to last longer, it is better to avoid animated wallpapers and screen savers on your device.

Replace your phone battery

If your device’s power is always running down despite all these settings, then there is a strong possibility that your phone battery needs replacement.

The above adjustments meant to improve your phone battery conservation, cannot work effectively if your device battery is faulty or bad.

To replace your phone battery, ensure you procure from authorized dealers to avoid adulterated batteries.

Device system and application updates

Your phone will usually alert you when new updates are available or when your applications are obsolete.

Please do not ignore these updates, because they are essential for optimal phone options. Most devices support automatic updates. This can be activated for convenience by navigating to the device setting option.

Delete applications that you do not use

Different devices have different storage capacities. When your device’s memory is full its function is not optimal and the device becomes slow.

To manage mobile phones to last longer, there is a recurrent need to uninstall applications that are not needed.

To uninstall applications press the application icon for a long and then tap on the [ i ] option and select delete.

Alternatively, you can uninstall the mobile application by navigating to your phone setting, tapping on the Apps option and selecting the apps to uninstall.

Use a good phone case

Mobile devices are prone to falls which can result in different degrees of damage including screen damage.

To manage mobile phones to last longer, it is advisable to use protective casing and screen guards.

Use power bank

Power banks come in handy when our mobile devices run out of power and there is no power source to charge the phones.

They are different types of power banks, with different power storing capacities, the one we procure depends on our individual peculiarities and needs. However, it is important we buy from authorized and licensed dealers.

Turn off vibration

Putting your phone on vibration may be ideal in instances where sound or noise is prohibited. However, leaving your phone permanently on vibration will lead to greater battery consumption.

It is advisable to deactivate the vibrate function when not needed because it consumes more battery power than ring tones.

Also, it is better to set the ringtone of our device at a low volume to conserve battery power.


Managing mobile phones to last longer requires a combination of less battery power consumption and proper handling of the phone. Adopting the measures stated above will optimize your device’s battery life and lifetime of the device generally.

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